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Let’s spread the magic powder together

‘Social Magic’ is working towards restoring the social cohesiveness in Israel, and forming more solidarity in Israeli society. We do this by establishing change-facilitating aid communities.

Help us help those who suffer poverty and exclusion to move from dejection to belonging.


Every donation—large or small—will make a difference!

Money transfer Donations

Magic is a public institution for donation tax exemption eligibility, section 46a

Money transfer in any bank for “Social Magic,” Leumi Bank, Lev Dizengoff branch (806), account # 856400/30

Check donations

Send a non-negotiable check to ‘Social Magic,’ 21 Geula st. apt. 1, Tel Aviv, 6330423

צרו קשר
To contact us concerning a donation, please fill in this form, and we will get back to you soon.

הפרטים נקלטו

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